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Team Building online?

Transforming offline events to the digital world is difficult.

Not many team building activities are fun to play online, fortunately quizzing is one of them!

We spent the last 6 months optimizing the user experience to create an atmosphere that is as close to the real world quizzing experience as possible.

Here is what we learned.

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or in teams

Connect remotely

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hyperquiz with Duelbox

Individual gameplans

If you are looking to host a game where all players play individually you don't even need our help!

Start a call on your favourite video conferencing app, invite everyone, come up with a bunch of questions load them up in any of the gaming platforms and you are good to go!

Platforms we recommend: duelbox, mentimeter, kahoot!.

However if you need questions, feel free to contact us!

Real time results, adrenaline rush, surely an exciting way to play but you would be missing the team building part: when people get together and figure out something together. We recommend the team games for that, but organizing that is a lot more complicated.

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Games for teams

If we only have two teams we would invite everyone in one web conference and start our innovative gameplay that was designed especially for two teams.

3 or more teams against each other?

This is the most complicated type, but after more than 50 succesful events we are happy to share that we know the solution. Our free Monday events during the first wave of the pandemic attracted more than 2000 people from all over the world.

How can people play?

We create a dedicated page for your event, we embed a live youtube stream where the quizmaster runs the game and a typeform where players can submit their answers. Players are free to go back and recheck a question, modify their answers and contact the quizmaster.

You can also add your own branding to the design.

Teams start their own web conferences, one of them shares the stream with screensharing so all team members hear and see the stream in the same time and there will be no echoes.

Answers and results

To show the answers we invite everyone to a webconference, show the answers and announce the TOP3 teams.

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You can't decide which one works the best for your team?


Long term solutions

If you are looking for something longer, that could provide entertainment during the entire fall.


We have organized championships for several companies, teams or individuals could gather points in several rounds, being allowed to announce one winning team at the end of the championship.


We have developed a special gameplay designed exactly for the pandemic. You can organize a cup with knockout stages for as many teams as you wish. It is all real time, there is a lot less chance to cheat! If you are interested we can stream or record the games for you.

Teams we have already worked with